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Cargo of Coffins (Stories from the Golden Age) (Mystery & Suspense Short Stories Collection) (Horrifying Halloween Murders)
Cargo of Coffins (Stories from the Golden Age) (Mystery & Suspense Short Stories Collection)
If Lars Marlin had three wishes, two have already been granted: he has escaped from Devil’s Island . . . and he has come face to face with the man who put him there—Paco Corvino.  But the third wish—putting a bullet in Corvino—will have to wait.  They’re off to sea, and not since Fletche...


PEEP: 3 Short Tales (Horrifying Halloween Murders)
PEEP: 3 Short Tales
The home is a haven, one to which we retreat at the end of a harrowing day, inside of which we let ourselves fall into the most vulnerable realm of sleep.The door, a barrier, separating the safety of the home from the unknowns of the outside world.We choose who we let into our homes, using the peeph...


SLIT: 3 Short Tales (Horrifying Halloween Murders)
SLIT: 3 Short Tales
A SLIT is a long, narrow opening, usually made in the throat of a human being to render them lifeless.The cut may be made by a creature hiding in the dark.It may be opened by a serial killer hiding in your backseat.Or perhaps the cut was made by your own hand...Take a look at these three short tales...


Coroner Beer Bottle Costume (Horrifying Halloween Murders)
Coroner Beer Bottle Costume
Sizes for this costume are: One Size: Chest: Up to 44" Waist: Up to 48" US Dress Size: 10 - 12 - 18 Width of Costume: 24" Length of Costume: 38"


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